Horniman Museum and Gardens

Data Protection Policy Statement

The Horniman Museum and Gardens uses all reasonable endeavours to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the following principles:

1. Personal data should be processed fairly and lawfully.

2. Data should only be obtained for a specified purpose and should not be used for any other purpose.

3. Personal data should be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to its purpose.

4. Personal data should be accurate and up to date.

5. Personal data should not be kept longer than is needed for its intended purpose.

6. Personal data should be processed in accordance with the rights of the individual which the information concerns.

7. Appropriate measures should be taken against unlawful processing or destruction of records.

8. Personal data should not be transferred outside the European Economic Area.

This means that we will put systems and processes in place which aim to ensure that personal data will only be held by the Horniman if it is required for legitimate purposes, is obtained with the permission of the person to whom it relates and used for the purposes for which it was obtained, is held securely, is not held for longer than it is needed and is not disclosed without the necessary authority.

Finding out more

To find out what information the Horniman holds about you, you will need to submit a subject access request to the Data Protection Officer. You can do this in several ways:

  • Complete and return the Subject Access Request Form
  • email the Data Protection Coordinator enquiry@horniman.ac.uk
  • in a letter, addressed to:

Data Protection Officer

Horniman Museum and Gardens

100 London Road

London SE23 3PQ

Please provide as much detail as possible to help us answer your request.

You can also contact the Data Protection Officer if you want to:

  • ask us to correct any mistakes
  • find out how we check the information we hold is accurate and up-to-date
  • find out what agreements we have with other organisations for sharing information
  • find out in what circumstances we can pass on your personal information without telling you, for example to prevent and detect crime or to produce anonymised statistics
  • find out what guidance is given to Horniman staff about handling personal information.

We will acknowledge your request within 5 working days of receipt and provide you with a response within 40 days.

For further details of this and other Horniman policies, visit the museum policies page on our website at http://www.horniman.ac.uk/about/museum-policies  

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